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Acting conditions

A first brand positioning

The school leadership: focus locks 15 years, and always lead to the development of China's lock industry.

School quality: only the pursuit of intrinsic brand of perfect, refused to "Idol"-like impetuous.

Dependent school: the "strength" to win consumers, partners, the team lasting dependence.
2 The first company to support
Promotional materials: brochures, co-operation manuals, product catalog of this promotional brochure, advertising gum, printing, posters, KT board, POP, and so on.
Advertising materials: tents, X Display Stand, data frames, roll up, bags, advertising bags, advertising clothing, promotional the DM, with ads welcome posters, hanging flag.

(3) professional guidance
The gang hardware to provide professional business guidance manual, store as a whole to enhance the full range of manual and CD-ROM to give dealers guidelines. Professional quality to enhance the marketing team of professional quality dealers for our full range of upgrade pull. Dealers regularly send their staff to our company headquarters in product knowledge and sales skills training.

(4) image of the first memory

State to send an elephant, like the same strength as the same broad, like the same team, like the same culture. Earnestness called state school "professionals a decent lock, thousands of consumers is the kind known as" elephant lock the state to send, like the state to send the two devotion.
5, the first standard of the product

The aircraft-grade material: the selection of aircraft-grade alloy, as strong as King Kong, the durability of 5 years.

120 precision casting, high international standards, quality and zero error.

300 000 simulated opening and closing detection, after the test side was King Kong quality.
6. Perfect the first service

Someone full-time tracking, weather services to customers in around.

Provide comprehensive pre-sales, sales support, ensure quality, the recent delivery.

To ensure regular introduction of new products, to ensure service quality.

Spread the first banner
Focus on CCTV, the first brand banner flying.
Focus on the terminal, thousands of flagship stores accurate spread.